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Rubby O Chicken



Ever eaten a puking pastille or a vomit flavour jelly bean? I sincerely hope not. But these are only two of the weird and wonderful items you could purchase on a visit to the fictional shop known as Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes in Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter stories written by J K Rowling.
On our brief pit stop in London we made a trip to the Warner Brothers Studios in Watford for a tour of the sets where the Harry Potter stories were filmed, much to the excitement of 11 year old smallest Gillyboy, and to be honest, also myself. This is a great place to visit!
So much to see and explore and marvel at – costumes, sets, special effects, models etc. I won’t mention any spoilers but we did enjoy a broomstick ride and drank butter beer. The attention to detail that went into making these movies was simply phenomenal. Some 4000 people were employed over the ten years that it took to make the eight films.

Of course there was a huge gift shop selling all manner of Hogwarts school uniforms, quidditch kit, cuddly owls, and many of the sweets those naughty Weasley twins would have sold.

In the props department I discovered one of their products which makes its appearance in the Weasley twins shop in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”- the Rubby O Chicken, described as a magical rubber chicken that was bewitched to do an Irish stepdance. The purchaser was also advised that the product wasn’t edible. Much like those All Flavour Jelly Beans also for sale!


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