What came first- the chickens or the blog?

Blogging 101 – Pinsperation

Today for my Blogging 101 course our assignment was to write about how visiting a neighbouring blog yesterday inspired us.
Please jump to my card making blog Angill Cards to see how I got on!


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Very Pinteresting


At the start of last year I signed up for Pinterest, an online “pin board” of ideas, photos, recipes on a whole world of subjects including travel, food, photography, crafts etc, but somehow I never got round to actually stepping into this amazing site. And so 2013 has begun well, and my mind is blown with a whole new universe to explore on so many different themes.
You can search a subject – say hens.
Pinterest will show you more to do with hens and hen related items than you would ever need to see. (Even more than this blog)

You can “pin” an item to your own “board”; you can “like” an image, just as on Facebook; you can “follow” a Pinterest contributor just as on Twitter.
In return when you pin items of your own others can pin, like and follow you. Hopefully in a nice way 😉
So what is the point I hear you cry?
I can see Pinterest being a creative black hole that I could very easily fall into at the beginning of January 2013 and not emerge from for the next 365 days. This would not be a good thing. Perhaps like me you have bags and boxes of half-finished craft project that you promise yourself you will complete one day. Or a pile of books to be read that threaten to fall over and kill someone that you know one day you will get to read. Or a stack of recipe magazines to go through and tear out the ones you will make to get healthy, family friendly recipes. Or a bag of wool the dog keeps finding and trailing over the upstairs….enough!
While there are kids to taxi, food to prepare, ironing to flatten, dogs to walk, hens to nurture, house to clean, I may never get through this real list of What I Want To Do’s.
Pinterest threatens to introduce me to a wealth of fabulous craft ideas, hen hints, recipes, travel destinations etc etc. A million, billion things that I will like, pin and follow and never get round to starting, never mind finishing.
But then again, this time last year I had a handful of little china hens on my kitchen mantle, this year I am the proud owner of three hilarious egg producing feathered wonder birds. Anything can happen!


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