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All That Jazz

I’m always keen to learn a new skill so when I saw a beginners tap dance class for adults I signed up and those kind peeps at Amazon delivered my tap shoes in less than 24 hours. Keen as I was to go for a red glitter pair, I realised I am not eight years old and chose a sensible black lace up pair.  They make a great sound on our kitchen floor.

Last week six of us shuffled into the dance studio and spent an hour heel and toe tapping, sweeping, stamping, shuffling and learning an actual dance routine. It was hard work, required much concentration and left me with sore knees for 24 hours. Most of all it was good fun.

One of the girls in class brought her cute baby who was so overwhelmed by our efforts he fell asleep. 

Today we worked just as hard on our routine and learning a few new steps. “All that Jazz” from Chicago is coming along splendidly! I have a new respect for anyone who dances and sings in high heeled shoes and does it all so effortlessly.

 Here is a great tap shoe selfie we took at the end of class today. Even our youngest member joined in.

I’m the one with the white socks. As you can see, someone else couldn’t resist the red glitter tap shoes. #jealous

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