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You are radiant with charm

Were you ever aware of the Victorian language of flowers? Lilies symbolised beauty. Roses represented love. If your suitor gave you red roses you knew he was mad about you, if they were pink you could be assured of his affection, if yellow roses arrived he was only interested in friendship. And black or dark roses – well, make sure you put your affairs in order as someone wanted you dead. Flowers were used to say what could not be said in those more formal times. A bouquet given to you upright sent a positive message, and beware if you were given flowers facing the opposite direction. Mind you nowadays if you get a bunch of Bonnie Jeans from the garage from your gentleman caller I would maybe encourage him to try a little harder!

Anyway, while on a recent holiday in France I was entranced by these beautiful flowers in a restaurant.


These are ranculus asiaticus, a cousin of our buttercup. A Victorian maiden would blush with pleasure at being told, without words, that she was “radiant with charm” should she have been presented with these. Whereas Mrs G headed straight for and ordered a delivery of ranunculus asiaticus bulbs in an attempt to cultivate these very special pretty paper-like blooms in time for the summer.

When the bulbs arrived they looked anything but charming 

Actually they reminded me of the hens favourite snack of meal worms. They had to be planted with these little “fingers” pointing down. I worked very hard, filling pots with soil,  planting bulbs and watering.  Only to discover that Naughty Lucas had jumped into a big pot and dug out and scattered its entire contents when I was tidying up the tools.  The Victorians would suggest he should give me a purple hyacinth to ask for forgiveness.

For now, here’s hoping by the summer I will be posting pictures like this 

there are no words for such beauty 

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Our Little Patient

Lucas had surgery today to remove what turned out to be a substantial piece of dishcloth from his tummy. The Vet was pleased with his recovery and mentioned he was being “very vocal”! This is interesting since he is a very quiet wee pup at home, though Buttons more than barks for two dogs.
We hope to get to visit him on the ward tomorrow, and that all going well he will be home on Saturday. We miss his crazy antics and hope he will soon be running around very soon.
PS all his cuddly toys have gone in the bin, we don’t want to encourage his fabric eating habit.

“Be brave, no matter what your size”


Poorly Puppy

Regular readers of this blog will be acquainted with our puppy Lucas. Unfortunately wee Lucas is very poorly and has been in the Vets since Monday morning, with what they thought was gastroenteritis. He has had x rays today and the Vet thinks he has a blocked gut. Could he have eaten anything he shouldn’t? She asked. Well, where would I start? Chairs, rugs, shoes, bouncy balls, tin foil, pine cones, pencils, headphones, electric cables, a box of Bendicks Mints (the box not the mints)…
Anyway, he is not in good shape right now and we all miss him and his terrible naughtiness, even Mr Buttons, our older dog is out of sorts.
On the weather front,the snow has turned to ice. And I have more eggs than I can manage.


These are my crocus and Christmas Rose flowers braving the cold.